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Tire Services

Need tires?

          -New and used tires for sale.

          -Tire installations, rotations, wheel balance, flat repairs, etc.

Types of Tires

All Season

All-season tires provide adequate handling in various weather conditions (wet, dry, and light snow covered roads). They are designed to push away water while also giving stability in snow.

All Weather

All weather tires provide similar handling as the all-season tires, but can be used in heavy snow as well. They are essentially a winter tire that can be left on the car all year round.



Winter tires provide better traction in snow and rain. They are constructed of soft rubber that will not harden when temperatures drop. It is not advisable to use snow tires once the temperature remains above 7oC, as the rubber will break down faster. It is suggested that you purchase winter tires in addition to your other tires.



Summer tires provide excellent dry and wet tractions with precise handling. They are meant to be used during the warm months, and are usually found on sportier vehicles.



Mud tires are primarily used for off-roading conditions. This can be anything from mud to uneven gravel or even sand. These tires are not meant for every day driving though.



All-terrain tires are a compromise between mud tires and summer tires. They are best suited for vehicles that will be driven daily on the road, but only occasionally off-road.

We carry numerous brands of tires.
You name it, we can get it.
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